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Selkh 16-Apr-24
2xLung 17-Apr-24
Huntmaster 20-Apr-24
Selkh 25-Apr-24
From: Selkh
I got lucky (draw of a lifetime) and drew archery s12 this year. I know the area as I’ve hunted elk in there twice and live about an hourish away. What I don’t know, and would welcome any advise, is where to find rams and advise on hunting them. Thanks in advance.

From: 2xLung

2xLung's embedded Photo
2xLung's embedded Photo

From: Huntmaster
congrats on your tag. I had a great experience there. if you do a google search for "S12 sheep bowsite" or something similar, you will get a bunch of results from bowsite postings that will put you in all the likely spots to start looking for sheep there and harvest stories. if your familiar with the unit already, you will be able to make out the harvest sites from the pictures posted. good luck and enjoy.

From: Selkh
Thanks for the advice, I’ll check both out!

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