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FullofBull 17-Apr-24
JohnMC 17-Apr-24
FullofBull 23-Apr-24
From: FullofBull
I finally drew a goat tag. G12 nanny 2nd season. Reaching out to see if anyone else with a 2nd season tag would like to team up to go after them. Send a PM if interested. Thanks

From: JohnMC
I'd bet you will have better luck with someone without a tag to teaming up with you. Sheep and goat hunts are fun even without a tag. If I had a tag I would prefer not to spilt the opportunities with someone else. Get a buddy to go and be ready to return the favor when they get a big tag.

From: FullofBull
Maybe your right but I thought I would give it a shot. I ended up meeting my best friend and hunting buddy with a post like this on a sheep hunt almost 20 years ago. We still hunt together every year for one thing or another and are a really good team. I was hoping to luck out again and team up with someone great.

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