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Additional Wolf Research
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Hank_S 24-Apr-24
TRnCO 24-Apr-24
Aspen Ghost 24-Apr-24
Barkeater 25-Apr-24
From: Hank_S

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I think the article has some very good information about how there is more complexity, interplay and nuance to ecosystems than claimed by the "pro wolf" groups prior to introduction by CPW.

While we can't turn back the vote to introduce wolves to CO, this does add information to the ongoing debate.

From: TRnCO
the time for debate has come and gone. There's no putting the wolf back in the box at this point. What's done is done with more to come weather or not we like it or not.

From: Aspen Ghost
I disagree that the time for debate is gone. The status quo is that wolf numbers in Colorado will never be controlled and that there will never be hunting of wolves in Colorado regardless of their numbers or impact or range. I'd say there is plenty yet to be debated.

From: Barkeater

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