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Cooper WMA
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Thornton 28-Apr-24
Canepole 28-Apr-24
Quailhunter 29-Apr-24
From: Thornton
Anybody hunt the Hal and Fern Cooper WMA down by Ft. Supply? I bird hunted it once, but the sand burs were hard on the dogs. Just wondering if any good bucks are shot there? I bought a place about 10 miles away and was hoping to spend some time hunting all the public around there.

From: Canepole
Haven't been in 20 years. Wasn't any hunter traffic mid-week even during the rut back then. We saw quite a few in the 120-140 range through the course a dozen hunts. Never connected with anything special with my old grizzly though. Can't tell you these days though.

From: Quailhunter
I have only bird hunted it. Ft. Supply WMA is right across the highway and has more timbered areas around and below the lake. I've seen lots of big tracks on both. Also quite a few OLAP properties north of there.

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