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Swap a hunt?
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Stone 05-May-24
Middle Ground 06-May-24
Stone 09-May-24
From: Stone
Howdy, I own some property in SE Kansas and Texas if anyone interested in hunting deer in Kansas or hogs in Texas? I am looking to hunt zone 5 in Iowa in 2025 or later. I have 6 points going into 2025 draw. Just trying to plan on what I am going to do. I usually hunt public land but since I have invested 6 plus years into trying to experience an Iowa WT hunt I don't want to waste opportunity. I would only have 5 days to hunt, I would trade 5 days back for either option above.

If anyone knows a reputable outfitter where I will have a great experience seeing big mature deer running around (archery) this would be the one time in my life I would be willing to go that route and pay for that type of experience as I may never get to hunt Iowa again... or at least zone 5. I may look at other zones in future years.

I'm sitting on 5 points and know a couple friends who have land in Zone 5. I will be following along and may can work out a week with one of my friends . Wouldn't be opposed to go the outfitter route either as this is likely my last trip to Iowa.

From: Stone
Let me know if you hear anything about outfitters or private land opportunities for 2025 or 2026

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