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Help for G12 Goat tag
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jdusdal 06-Jun-24
KHunter 07-Jun-24
KHunter 11-Jun-24
From: jdusdal

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G12 Goat
jdusdal's embedded Photo
G12 Goat
So grateful to have drawn a G12 either sex goat tag this year. I’m just feeling a bit out of my element though. To get some tips I’ve been watching as many videos on YouTube as I can find and using some of CPW’s mapping resources. I’m just so unfamiliar with the area that I’m reaching out for some ideas on where to start on the Crested Butte side of the unit. If anyone has experience on hunting goats in this area I would appreciate any help you could offer. I’m hoping to get an idea of accessibility with a typical stock 4x4 pickup truck. I’ll be able to get one week long scouting trip in this summer. Other than that I’ve never been to this spot in Colorado. Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone

From: KHunter
Thanks for signing up to attend the Sheep and goat hunter meet & greet.You will get a lot of help.

Bring good maps and onx or other mapping program loaded on your phone!

From: KHunter
Hope you got a lot out of the meet & greet. Huge turnout which made it a lot of fun.

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