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CPW Commissioner Nominee
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From: Stix
When is Governor going to nominate a replacement sportsmans rep for the commission?

He can make recess appointments while the legislature is not in session. The previous gov's, including him have done it many times. They just work as acting commissioners until confirmed. That's what was done with Blecha, Bailey, & Tuchton. They went over a year before being confirmed.

I would think that with all the important decisions being made, sportsmens groups would be pressing him to nominate someone.

(Gabe Otero cant be the only sportsmens rep. Sorry, I dont consider Haskett a sportsmens rep)

I Nominate Dan Gates.

From: aboks
I believe the next nominee must reside west of the continental divide based on the current geographical residences of the current members.

From: aboks
About the Commission

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is a citizen board, appointed by the Governor, which sets regulations and policies for Colorado’s state parks and wildlife programs.

The 11 voting members of the commission include three members who are sportspersons, one of whom must be an outfitter; three agricultural producers; three recreationalists, including one from a non-profit, non-consumptive wildlife organization; two at-large members. Members are expected to represent all parks and wildlife-related issues, regardless of their affiliation. A minimum of four commissioners must be from west of the Continental Divide.

From: grasshopper
I'm predicting the Polis admin nominates Delia Malone of the Sierra Club as the next sportsmen rep. Just sayin...might be correct.

From: Glunt@work
The only surprise will be if its a quality pick.

From: bad karma
It will not be a quality pick. I nominate Steve Hilde. But the governor will nominate an anti hunter of some sort.

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