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Replacement boot laces
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From: Browtine
I've got 2 pair of Cabelas Meindl boots, an uninsulated pair and a 400 gram pair. The uninsulated pair needs new laces and I figured I would just replace both sets. Uninsulated are about 80 inches which is longer than they need to be and the other pair are about 82 inches and is about right in length. I've had some laces in the past on shoes that refuse to stay tied. I can't remember if they are round or flat laces. Cabelas doesn't have replacement Meindl laces that will fit. What specific brand / type (round or flat) etc. have you all had luck with?

550 paracord.. one of two ways.. you can cut them to length as they are and burn the ends and form them until the black melted part is about 1/2 inch long or take the guts out of the para cord and use the shell as the lace

From: Drop Tine
Wax your laces and they will stay tied. It’s a old hockey players trick to keep skate laces tight.

From: 76aggie
Drop Tine, you made my day with the wax advice. I have some laces that absolutely refuse to stay tied. Thanks.

From: DeerNut

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From: Trial153
Go to amazon. Search “great laces Kevlar boot “ , buy a two pack...they will outlast your boots. Thank me later

From: Lost Arra

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Wax helps but a good tying method is important. This one works well.


From: South Farm
Double Knot doesn't help?

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