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Turkey broadhead
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JDM 29-Mar-21
midwest 29-Mar-21
Jaquomo 29-Mar-21
Jasper 29-Mar-21
elkmtngear 29-Mar-21
JohnMC 29-Mar-21
jstephens61 29-Mar-21
GF 29-Mar-21
Bowfreak 30-Mar-21
midwest 30-Mar-21
From: JDM
Would like to know opinions on a good turkey broadhead. What I'm leaning toward is a 3 blade mechanical. What's out there that you guys like?

From: midwest

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Here's a recent thread on the topic.

From: Jaquomo
Magnus Bullhead.

From: Jasper

Jasper's embedded Photo
Jasper's embedded Photo
Rage Turkey Extreme. My son’s follow up shot did some damage!

From: elkmtngear
"My son’s follow up shot did some damage"!

Dayumm !!!

From: JohnMC
Don’t over think it. Any large diameter mechanical will do. I am shooting raged this year because I bought a 1/2 dozens packs of them when wal mart was clearing them out.

Bullhead would be fun but unless your shooting arrows long enough for bullheads to be past your riser you have to have special arrows and you have to tune for them. To complicated for me when I can killed with mechanicals.

From: jstephens61
NAP Spitfire, turkey is the only thing I’ll use a mechanical on.

From: GF
@Jaq -

Do you think my #52-#53s would have any difficulties with a guillotine head?

I wouldn’t expect a problem, but I did once wring the neck of a domestic, and that was no small thing...

Just seems like a more straightforward proposition. You’d think I’d know the anatomy better, having done dozens of surgeries on the damn things!

Seems like a good application for a heavy shaft.

I don’t know that I’ll ever get another shot at one out here with the coyotes as thick as they are, but I do like the idea of a decisive blow.

From: Bowfreak

You'll have zero issues with a Bullhead. My daughter shot them at 27lbs with a compound and it hit hard. At 35 lbs you are borderline lopping heads.

From: midwest

midwest's embedded Photo
midwest's embedded Photo
I let my buddy borrow my Widow. 58 lb limbs and a bullhead.

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