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Topic Messages Date
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumWoman backpacking for elk 39 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumCow elk tag 3 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumGlasses or contacts? 14 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumOn X Maps 14 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumCancellation Hunt - Rocking R Ranch 36 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumAny tips on keeping meat? 19 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumWhat weather to expect in Colo? 19 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumManscaping 2015.......5 years later 122 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumLouisiana elk hunter---cajun hunter 30 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumCould World Record Fall this Year? 22 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forum2015 Scouting Pics 65 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumWhat's your Colorado Elk Hunt Dates? 40 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumOptics... What do you prefer? 33 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumPrairie New Mexico Elk 13 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumLower back/Sciatic nerve pain 45 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumCo. Elk hunt / calling, Timing the rut ? 15 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumReal Tough Bowhunters 129 29-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumTaking a chest freezer 56 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumNM Elk Unit 55 - Valles Vidal 36 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumArizona Gov Tag Bull Elk Down! 6x6 Typ 96 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumUtah bowsiters help!!! 16 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumI drew Bosque Del Oso SWA for elk/deer 3 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumAnother boot fail 47 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumWho's all chasing elk in Wyoming? 57 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumLeftover license list? 6 28-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumSD elk 10 27-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumBase Camp 101 6 27-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forum2015 Rocking R Trail Camera Photos 120 27-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumWhat would you buy? 75 27-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumBowhunt tattoo's 68 26-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumBest large Tent for Idaho 30 26-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forumhow far to drag an elk 53 25-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumFirst year hunting without my Dad. 33 25-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumDo These Places Exist? 27 25-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumGreat shower for base camp 55 25-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumLavilin not working? 14 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forumunit 76 colorado 6 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumMy new pack animal...The Iron Llama 34 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumKnee CartilagePain 30 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumFirst Scouting Trip, what to look 4? 6 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumZamberlan vios gt boots 8 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumCO OTC Tags 10 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumNew gear this year. 5 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumDiaphragm for new bugler 11 24-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumHunting with your wife? 75 23-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumRand, Granby,Kremmling areas for elk? 8 23-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumJuly 4th Rubs? 11 23-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumAtkinson Expeditions???? 11 22-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumAre you ready? 76 22-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumHow bout this to get to top of mountain 14 22-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumGear Questions Upcoming NM Elk Hunt 35 22-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumExo Mountain Gear Packs 8 22-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumThank You 4 21-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumElk on ice 33 21-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumColorado muzzleloader season 20 21-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumBugling Bull Mistress 3 21-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumColorado question on ar15 10 21-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumMontana B Drawing 1 20-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumFlatlander vs Mountain 13 20-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumInexpensive Wall Tent (?) 19 19-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forum2015 Ut. Odds Report Link 20 19-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumOne tip for OTC Colorado 48 19-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumLifetime tent trailer 17 19-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumAm I the last one? 2 18-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumWill you tag out this sept ? 60 18-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumBasecamp missing data 2 18-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumPain Relief 23 18-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumFood 25 17-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumArchery Elk Videos 4 17-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumGot an elk tag...... 29 17-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumStart my Hunt 18 17-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumMy Bad 8 17-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumExtreme Elk MERGES with Elk Hunter Mag 19 16-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumMORE THAN ONE ELK WITH A MECHANACLE HEAD 62 16-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumElk Eyesight Pattern 11 16-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumCalling In Crowded Units 15 16-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumWhat badlands pack is this? 11 16-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumElk had fun with my trailcam 23 16-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumMeat transportation 2 15-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumTweaking the Razortrick for Elk 13 14-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumHow to Set Up In Thick Timber? 5 14-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forumcertain type of guided elk hunt 5 14-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumJuly 2015 Buy Decoy Get a Free Call 7 14-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumUA Ridge Reaper 03 Jacket 6 14-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumFord Excursion 23 14-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forumsleeping bag suggestions 71 13-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumGame cam placement 15 12-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumPersonal Locators? 59 11-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumOTC Elk info for Private ground pheasant 5 11-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumElk sheds 5 10-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumCO refund question 120 10-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumArizona 5bs camping areas 6 10-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumHelp For Father and Son... 12 10-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumColorado Elk Stats, past and present 22 10-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumHomemade load lifters for X2 19 10-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumVermejo Cow Hunt 22 09-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game Forumcolordo camping laws 17 09-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumMistakes from first hunt 38 09-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumBugles - mouthpiece of diaphragm 17 09-Jul-15
Bowhunting - Big Game ForumEberlestock butt bucket... 8 09-Jul-15

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Sitka Gear has a simple goal: to introduce to the hunting industry a system of clothing that incorporates the latest high-performance fabrics with a mountaineering design philosophy. Based on the concept of layering, Sitka Gear Clothing will stand up to some of the most extreme conditions for some of the most extreme bowhunters! - ELK MAPS

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---Ward's Outfitters

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